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(i) SBI Car Loan -

Eligibility - Employees with one year confirmed service

Amount - No Upper Limit

Interest Rate - AWPLR + 1.50% p.a. (floating) or 14.25% p.a. (fixed)

Repayment - 7 years

Special features - Zero pre-payment charges

(ii) Personal Loan (SBI Elite) -

Eligibility - Members of professional bodies with one year confirmed service

Amount - LKR 5.00 Mio

Interest Rate - AWPLR + 2.50% p.a. (floating) or 15.00% p.a. (fixed)

Repayment - 5 years

Special features - No guarantor is required

(iii) Personal Loan (Happy Loan) -

Eligibility - Employees with 2 years confirmed service

Amount - LKR 1.00 Mio

Interest Rate - AWPLR + 2.00% p.a. (floating) or 15.00% p.a. (fixed)

Repayment - 3 years

Security - Two third party guarantees

(iv) Personal Loan (Easy Loan) -

Eligibility - Expatriate staff of High Commission of India

Amount - USD 25,000/- or equivalent in LKR

Interest Rate - USD - 3.75% p.a. (fixed),

LKR - AWPLR (floating)

Repayment - Upto expiry of Resident Visa validity period