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Working Capital Finance

The Bank offers working capital finance to meet the entire range of short-term fund requirements that arises within a corporate's day-to-day operational cycle. Working capital loans are in the form of Cash Credit, Import loans, Bill financing and non-funded facilities such as Letters of Credit and Guarantees. The working capital loans can help your company in financing inventories, managing internal cash flows, supporting supply chains, funding production and marketing operations, providing cash support to business expansion and carrying current assets.

Corporate Term Loans

Our corporate Term Loans can support your company in funding ongoing business expansion, repaying high cost debt, technological up gradations , leveraging specific cash streams that accrue into your company and supplementing working capital. The bank's corporate term loans are generally available for tenors from three to five years, synchronized with your specific needs.

We also offer need based Vehicle loans, Housing loans and other Consumer durable loans to your staff members.

Trade Finance

We in the Bank offer a one stop shop for providing financial products / services of a wide range for large, medium and small industries both domestic and international. Further, the bank's informed trade finance team can provide you with sophisticated credit and trade information, and market knowledge, helping you to extract more value from business.

Bill Purchases

We offer export bill purchases to provide post shipment finance to exporters at competitive rates of interest.

Letters of Credit

The Bank offers Letters of Credit to facilitate purchase of goods in international trading operations. Backed by the Bank's strong reputation, you will be able to build better trust in trade and forge business relationships faster. The bank's vast network of branches and correspondent banks enables your enterprise to sustain a seamless flow of business on a wide platform.

Issue of Guarantees

We guarantee the creditworthiness or the business performance capacity of our valued clients through issue of financial and performance guarantees.

Shipping Guarantees

We issue shipping guarantees, allowing you to take the goods from the shipping company without the bill of lading. We issue the shipping guarantees immediately so that you will get your goods on time.

All shipping companies universally accept our shipping guarantees.