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ATM & Recycler Content

  • Location of our ATMs/ Cash Recyclers

    • ATM

               SBI Kandy, No. 15-1/1, Temple Street, Kandy

    • Cash Recycler

               SBI Fort, 16 Sir Baron Jayatilake Mawatha, Colombo 01
               SBI Colpetty, No. 385, Landmark Building, Near 5th Lane, Galle Road, Colombo 03 

    Facilities Available

    •  Cash Withdrawal (Maximum LKR 100,000/- per day)
    •  Balance Enquiry
    •  PIN change
    •  Mini Statement
    •  Cash Deposit (at Cash Recyclers only)

    Safety Tips

    •  Do not share your PIN with anyone. An ATM transaction will never be complete without using correct PIN. Safety of PIN is therefore the most important aspect of ATM safety.
    •  Change the ATM PIN immediately on its receipt from the Bank and memorise it.
    •  Do not write your PIN anywhere.
    •  Do not use your personal date as PIN.
    •  Never allow others to enter your PIN, even at POS machines or during online transactions.
    •  In case of any suspicion, change your PIN immediately.
    •  Always keep your card at a safe place away from others.
    •  Make sure that you carry your own ATM card while leaving the ATM.
    •  In case he card is lost, please block it immediately.
    •  Never swipe your card at unknown POS machines. This may lead to skimming of your card information.
    •  Be alert to notice any suspicious attachment to the ATM machine or inside ATM room.
    •  Make sure that you are alone inside the ATM room while making the transaction.
    •  Do not take help of strangers in completing the transaction. Ensure that ATM screen is back to Welcome screen before you leave the ATM.
    •  Do not attempt the transaction if you get suspicious about your safety. Leave the ATM immediately and prefer to change your PIN as soon as possible to avoid losses.
    •  Do not use card details for online transactions on public internet café.
    •  Register you mobile number with the branch for SMS alerts.